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Of all the errors that pop up every time I try to update, restore or (at times) even sync the iPhone, the notorious iTunes error 3194 is the one I fear most. My IPhone 4 is un-jailbroken, but for some reason cydia is still there after updating its ios.
If you tried to downgrade an ios and got this error, try upgrading itunes and try restore again.
I'm pretty sure I already tried this, without the first pc restart, restarted only after uninstalation of iTunes.

I tried to upgrade my jailborken iphone 4 using itunes, got the 3194 error, then tried to do the OTA upgrade, which put it into a boot loop, and again got 3194 when trying to reset with itunes. I held the home button and plugged it in to get it in recovery mode but then I get error 3194.
Also, downgrades are being actively prevented by Apple when you use the latest version of iTunes. The hosts file edit was no help, but I was able to get the phone into a state where itunes would factory reset, install upgrade and restore.

Apple need to rethink, their methods carefully, you pay big money for something that you use the way they want you to use, if I’m going to buy something, i want to use it for myself, as well and be able to personalize it to my choice, you can only download music from iTunes, apps from app store. I searched up how to do it without a power button and it says download redsn0w and connect it to itunes and restore with a DFU backup.

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