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As with most service-based businesses, the cost of hiring a marketing consultant can be quite variable.
If you are unclear about the role of a marketing consultant, read this article about  what a marketing consultant is and this one about what a marketing consultant does. The role and responsibility of a marketing consultant, as well as the complexity of the project and the time involved in accomplishing the objectives will all determine how the marketing consultant determines rates. Hourly fees range from about $75 to $500, depending on the experience and background of the marketing consultant and the type of project undertaken.
Generally, most marketing consultants will charge a small- to medium-sized business somewhere anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 per month on retainer. The annual salary for a seasoned marketing professional at a management level will range from $50,000 for a small company to over $150,000 for a large corporation.
When you hire a marketing consultant you get to pick the exact skill set you require for a project for a set period of time, usually with an option to renew for additional or continued work.

You need only pay for the work you require, which is a very cost-effective approach to marketing your business. A seasoned marketing consultant will have a wealth of experience as well as a team of other associates and sources to troubleshoot any challenges as they arise.
You do not have to pay recruiting fees, benefits, or termination packages and marketing consultants are not vested in internal politics or company bureaucracies. Marketing consultants are an excellent way to deal with a variety of situations including developing strategic plans, launching new products, setting up social media content campaigns, troubleshooting challenges, and marketing start-ups or new companies.
Or maybe you’ve watched how successful content marketing can grow a business and wonder what marketing consultant rates typically cost. The fees a consultant charges will depend on different factors including experience, duties, and the standards in the local market. Again, fees will fluctuate greatly depending on the scope of work and the expertise of the consultant.

Take a minute to consider the cost to your business if you are not yet using the internet, social media, and content marketing to their full potential. While hiring a marketing consultant with years of experience may seem pricey at first glance, consider the benefits of hiring a strategic marketing consultant instead of a marketing manager on staff.
If measurable goals are not met, you terminate the contract and find a different consultant who is better qualified. You aren’t usually hiring one person, but rather a person with a team of experts that operates like a complete marketing department. For example, a seasoned marketing consultant with an extensive portfolio of work will typically charge higher fees than a novice, while a North American marketing consultant will charge much more than a consultant from India or the Philippines.

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