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But the player is bigger, and it’s one of many design changes ahead for YouTube, we understand. With the update, the video stretches much further across the screen, putting the content front-and-center, while the community section – the cesspool known as the YouTube comments section (which Google tried to sanitize last year by switching it over to Google+) – is now a bit of further scroll down. Perfect Uninstaller can truly help you uninstall YouTube Video Player completely, including wiping out other video programs such as SmartMovie and Aimersoft Video Converter. That’s because the change is not so remarkable that you’re immediately positive there’s been an update, as opposed to a slight tweak to the video page you just hadn’t noticed until now.

According to various reports, YouTube will soon offer an ad-free service for a fee that exists alongside a free, ad-supported service. Locate YouTube Video Player associated files, select the folder and press SHIFT + DELETE to wipe out it from your PC. If you have removed YouTube Video Player manually but failed, you can also use Perfect Uninstaller to completely delete those leftovers.
By following the above several steps, all YouTube Video Player components will be removed from the system after the computer restarts.

Since most of the people want to display videos and audios on their websites and this can be done  by Video and Audio Player jQuery Plugins. So, in this article I’m going to write about 15+ Best of Best Free Video and Audio Player jQuery Plugins.

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