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Limon HTML template is best for entertainment, spas, restaurants and yoga studios type websites. Multimedia Music, Video, Picture, Blog HTML 5 template has features including 6 funny theme, 50 button style, Ajax slide, multi level navigation, new users area template, Ajax popup picture look and many more.
Flashing Night HTML template has four color schemes including purple, pink, grey and maroon. Long time back I am looking for a solution to stream android live camera video to a webpage over internet (not wifi). If you are beginner, this article will introduce you to lot new things like real time streaming protocols (RTSP, RTMP), Wowza Media Engine, libstreaming, WAMP and jwplayer. Real Time Streaming Protocol is a networking protocol mainly used to stream real time media data like audio or video. Real Time Messaging Protocol was developed by Adobe for Flash Player to transmit the realtime media (audio, video) between server and flash player. Building a RTSP library involves deep understanding of real time streaming protocols and good command over multiple java media APIs which is not easy for every beginner.

Wowza Media Engine is very popular streaming engine which can stream high quality video and audio. Wowza also comes with an admin panel called Wowza Media Engine Manager to control streaming channels, publishers and other stuff.
If you are serious about going the app to be public where anybody can stream their camera video over intenet, you need to host the Wowza engine on a server. Pages included static page, contact, news, blog post, blog, video detail, listing and home page. Eprom has slider revolution, nivo slider, light & dark design, responsive layout, over 20 HTML pages and layered PSD. Go through the wikipedia links to get enough knowledge on underlaying technology behind real time streaming. In our project it acts as server side streaming framework which receives video from android device and starts a streaming service which will be again consumed by webpage to display the video. Now I am creating a class to keep wowza configuration values like streaming url, publisher username and password.

In this tutorial we use this protocol while sending video stream from android mobile to streaming server. While streaming from android mobile, the streaming video needs to be authenticated with Wowza before start decoding it. In this article, I’m sharing you the top 15 responsive html templates for entertainment websites. Replace the streaming url (keep your PC ip address), username and password with your wowza details.

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