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If you have a bunch of PowerPoint slides that you want to display, it’s a good idea to turn these slides into a video because most people would much rather watch a video than having to click through PowerPoint slides. When you have created your PowerPoint slides and when you are satisfied with them, there are many software tools that you can use to display all the slides in a video. I’ve used Moyea PPT to Video Converter both for creating videos consisting of professional PowerPoint slides and information products for my business. Moyea PPT to Video Converter will cost you $40 which I think you will find is a very good and low price for this software tool.
A great thing about Moyea PPT to Video Converter is that it’s very easy to use and you will probably learn how to use it in no time. By going to ‘Customize Settings’ you can choose how long you want the default duration to be for showing each slide in your video. If you are creating a video with both PowerPoint slides and a voice-over, I recommend that you create the audio file with the voice-over first.

After you have created your video, you can edit the video using video editing software such as Camtasia Studio, Sony Vegas Pro or any other software. I was really encouraged with Moyea but like EVERY SINGLE ONE I have tried from the internet, NONE of these tools work in Vista. If you create a video you also have the option of adding a voice-over to give further explanation and information to the viewers. I’ve tried a lot of different software tools and methods and I have been most satisfied with a software tool named Moyea PPT to Video Converter. I’ve found that the videos has simply turned out the best when I’ve used Moyea PPT to Video Converter so I do recommend that you use that one, but if you for some reason don’t like this software, check out others by simple doing a search-engine search and you will find more software tools like this one.
To get started in creating a video, you can just simply click the big ‘Add’ button to add a slide to your video.
These settings will affect how your video turns out so I recommend that you try some or even all of them out and see which settings work best for you.

If you’re planning to include a voice-over in your video or if you simply want each slide to be displayed a bit longer, you may want to consider increasing that duration a bit so that there is sufficient timeforeach slide, however, more on that later. By using one of these video editing software tools you can do things such as manually synchronizing the audio and video file together and removing the extra parts in the video that are not necessary.

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