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MIT Sloan is a world-class business school long renowned for thought leadership and the ability to successfully partner theory and practice.
MIT Sloan shares a legacy of innovative thinking and collaboration with MIT, and this relationship - unique among business schools - is one that provides tremendous opportunity for students alumni. At MIT Sloan, customized programs and experiences meet students' specific needs and help them to reach their personal and professional goals. For 1st time, MIT's free online classes can lead to degree - Washington TimesJavaScript is required for full functionality on this website, but scripting is currently disabled.
Online education has evolved from simply offering hobby-focused lessons to those involving higher learning. Online education offers the flexibility and accessibility of learning things according to an individual's pace, needs and financial standing. While it's true that YouTube also features educational videos on a number of interests, including language, cooking and even hacking, online education sites offer lessons that are more interactive and student-focused.
EdX, MIT OpenCourseware, Codecademy, Coursera and Moz are just some of the popular online education sites that offer not only quality and university-partnered courses but also lessons that are absolutely free of charge.
MIT OpenCourseware: MIT OpenCourseware (OCW) offers students additional resources that will help them succeed, while providing independent learners with content that can enrich their lives.

Coursera: Coursera is committed to providing universal access to the world's best education. As more and more people gain access into the Internet on their mobile devices or their home PCs, online education sites continue to customize courses in order to attract a diverse range of learners from various educational backgrounds.
It has partnered with the world's top universities and organizations in order to make their online courses absolutely free for anyone who wants to take them. The university will begin offering a popular Sloan data analytics course for free to the general public in the spring semester. Earlier this month, the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education published study results showing that only 4 percent of students complete the courses for which they register. Earlier this year, Wharton made its entire first-year MBA curriculum available for free on Coursera. Some of their course categories include arts, computer science, economics and finance, law, medicine, social sciences and teacher professional development. Students can learn the fundamentals of managing online reviews, location data management, search ranking factors and local SEO. As part of the pilot project, students who perform well in the online half can take an exam to apply for the second semester on campus.

Those who are already in the SEO and search marketing industry can enhance their skills through the company's marketing resources that cater to all skill levels. Curriculum for the online course will be the same as the on-campus offering, according to a press release. The first courses will launch this winter, with plans to route about 40 students each semester from the online courses to the campus program.Students in the supply chain management program are typically mid-career workers who take a year off work for intense training. But MIT follows other colleges that are merging free Web classes with school-stamped credentials.This year, Arizona State University started offering freshman courses online for free, with the option to pay for course credit later at a cost of up to $200 per credit hour.
The Georgia Institute of Technology offers an online master’s degree in computer science for $6,600, but the classes can be taken for free without credit.

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