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Inkscape is a powerful Vector graphics program, that can be used to create extensive title graphics, using different fonts and graphical elements, that can be easily overlayed onto a video with Open Movie Editor. Apple's iMovie is welcomed by all Mac users for home movie making which allows people to edit video clips, add sound and voiceover tracks and share movies in various ways. In the File drop-down list, choose "Import" > "Import Movies" to browser the movies and videos in your computer and select the movies you want to edit to iMovie, then click "OK".
When we edit a dramatic film, we use the continuity editing method or “180 degree line” principles to avoid physical confusion in a film.

Years ago, I heard an editor say, “We editors edit movies in here (she placed her hand on her head) and here (she placed her hand on her heart).”  What she meant was that editing involves logic and emotion. Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) will be your best choice, which can trim, split, rotate, flip and merge almost all kinds of input movies with over 300 effects. After that, you will have to select a size for your published movie from the table of options.
If you want to create a movie trailer in iMovie, you can refer to how to create a movie trailer in iMovie.

As for DVD movies, you can use a Mac Video Converter Ultimate to convert the DVD to iMovie MP4 videos first and add the MP4 videos to iMovie. Thus, the above section was added nearly at the end of the editing process and provided a key element in his story as a character.

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