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Not many users require a new media player but, when it comes to rendering Blu-ray content on your computer, paid solutions seem to be the easiest way to go.
Alternatively, DVDFab Media Player detects the optical drives automatically and it can play the video available, be it an Audio CD, a DVD, or Blu-ray content. A small menu icon in the lower right-hand side of the application screen allows creating a playlist with all the files you want to watch or listen to. Also in the lower part of the screen there are the play and volume controls, which are nothing special and offer the possibility to move back and forth through the items in the playlist. Unlike some media players with Blu-ray support on the market, DVDFab’s product brings to the table a set of choices for tweaking up the video by allowing modification of the brightness, saturation, and contrast. Watching movies with DVDFab Media Player is just a matter of loading a disc and instructing the program to run it, which can be done with a couple of clicks.
In the case of audio (Dolby and DTS formats are supported), amplification can be used up to 60db; and if the video is not in sync with the sound, DVDFab Media Player offers the possibility to enable a slight offset and align them. File associations are not automatically enabled for DVDFab, but the developer provides the possibility to make our own settings.

Taking snapshots from the running video is an option encountered in most video players and DVDFab’s makes no exception. This media player does not come with a full set of features to make for a home theatre experience or the functions for enabling effects and presets fit for the surrounding environment; but it packs just enough to provide an easy way to watch Blu-ray discs as well as other video content.
DVDFab Media Player seems to be focused on rendering a diverse range of video formats but it falls short of settings to improve the overall experience. Dedicated to the work on DVD Copy, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, DVD Ripper, Video Converter and Media Player for more than 11 years. DVDFab Media Player 2 is a free video player which can play almost all videos in all popular formats.
If you also have loaded in other videos, then you can go to Playlist to switch between different videos if you need. While you hover mouse on the top or bottom of the UI, you can get other control panels for some easy control like pause, play, fast backward, fast forward, volume up, volume down, full screen, and much more.
If you close it in the middle of a movie, it can resume the playback from the last location so that you don’t have to seek it manually.

In the configuration panel you can assign opening of any supported file formats with the player. After the installation completed, double click on the DVDFab Media Player icon on your desktop to start it up. When your ISO file is being played, you can control the play or do some settings in a convenient manner.
For example, right click on the UI, and you can get a prompt control panel where you can open another file, open another disc, control the play, set audio and subtitles, and so on.
While the latter mode gives you full Blu-ray navigation menu to let you fully control everything just like navigate a BD in a standalone Blu-ray player.

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