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I have added this video to the about page of ShoutMeLoud, and at times I use it on interviews for better branding.
Many Bloggers wish to share video tutorials with their blog readers but they feel that it is a very difficult task and so they don’t focus on it. Also I use free templates on the internet to create video intro but I think I should seriously think on having a professional intro for my videos to have a professional feeling.
But in this article you mentioned some amazing tricks and suggestions to Create Video For Your Blog In Cost-Effective Manner. If your videos are produced in an interesting way, people are more likely to become engaged with your site.
These videos are not ideal for your call-to-action videos, but they are very effective for representing your brand. I have already subscribed you on youtube and I am also going to Create Intro Video For my Blog soon.
Video intros are small video clips which are placed at the start of videos for branding purposes. You can pick up a basic video intro for only $5 at Fiverr however a professional video intro will normally cost between $50 and a few hundred dollars.

Elance, Freelancer and Odesk is a good place to post your project.The quality of videos through Fiverr varies greatly. Their video intro section is very popular, with many video creators and many people using the service. I was actually very surprised at how good some of the videos are.Stay away from sellers who have bad ratings or do not have any ratings at all. For example, some video creators will provide a video in 1080p (HD) quality if you pay an extra five or ten dollars. When I recently ordered an advertisement type banner for my martial arts forums, I was told I would have to wait 7 days, however the seller provided the image in just two days.Whilst there is no disputing that Fiverr does not attract professional video designers, it is a great place for picking up a logo for cheap. After choosing your video and uploading your logo, you will be asked to pay for your video. However there is a 30 day free trial available that lets you try it out in full.The video clip does not come with any audio. Thousands of short intro clips can be found at VideoHive’s sister website Audio Jungle. SplasheoAs I am looking for a professional intro, I was really impressed with the options available at Splasheo.

Pro gives you an initial $50 credit in your account which you can then use to buy pro videos. BlenderBlender is a free open-source 3D graphical script that can be used for creating animations and video effects. Andrew Price has written a fantastic guide on how to create a title intro entitled Create a Sizzling Title Intro. It took me about 5 minutes to place my order online and I had the video in my inbox in about 12 hours.
I think what sets my site apart is its ease of use and the fact that your finished intro is delivered in only a few minutes.In the end, it comes down to personal preference and taste.

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