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How to Create an Interactive YouTube Video Software Tutorials and step-by-step instructions to help you get more from your technology. You can use this feature to create a sort of interactive navigation path through a series of videos. This is where you will place your Annotation Links that direct viewers along your path.Upload All of your VideosWhen you are all done creating your individual clips, just upload them to YouTube. After all of your videos are uploaded and processed, you can see them on your My Videos page.

Go to your first video and click the Annotations tab.When you see the Annotations Settings screen, click the Add Highlight icon. Then, populate and position the Enter Text area.There are yellow calipers along the timeline below your video. You will also need to put the URL of the video that you’re linking to into your Annotation. Click the Link icon on the link toolbar to enter your link.Paste the URL of your destination video into the URL field and click the Save button.

Now, when your video gets to the point where your link is added, users will be able to click it and jump to the next video.Just repeat this process to make your videos match up to your Navigation Path and your done.

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