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This morning, a new report fresh off the presses from e-marketer indicates blistering growth in online video advertising over the next 5 years. Meanwhile, TV and digital video advertising revenue pools continue to blur and converge, as multi-platform and multi-screen video advertising is increasingly become an integrated norm.
With digital marketers more than ever looking to social video as a key tool to convey rich, sharable brand experiences, e-marketers projections hardly come as a surprise. Overall, with marketers, agencies and media companies set to double spending on online video in only a few short years, the future certainly looks bright for standardization, consolidation, innovation and maturity in the digital video advertising space.
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Besides the basics of defining audience and objectives, marketers typically need to factor in a variety of elements when choosing where and how to buy digital video advertising, including costs, types of ad and pricing formats, whether to buy direct from video sites or to buy audiences via ad networks, and whether to use real-time bidding (RTB).

Evaluating costs means more than simply calculating how much the advertiser pays the publisher. The Credit Suisse data focused on traditional CPMs, but many advertisers are looking for engagement and prefer cost-per-click or cost-per-completion arrangements. The interactivity of user’s choice is just one active ad format marketers can decide to include in their online video campaigns. In addition, many advertisers must consider how digital video ad buys tie into their television buys. When marketers choose which video sites to advertise on, and where on those sites to place ads, they also need to factor in the video buy’s effectiveness. Video ad formats vary widely, ranging from in-stream ads such as pre-rolls and mid-rolls to page takeovers and interactive units.

Get to know about various tips and tricks along with some statistics which tells you the story of video advertising. Influenced by overall economy status in China, the growth of China online advertising market slowed in Q3 according to data from iResearch. Tencent’s Wechat launched Wechat advertising platform in late June 2014 and started with text link ads, connecting Wechat Official Accounts with advertisers.
Double 11 (on 11 November) on Tmall is a big event in China which bring many opportunities for advertising market in China.

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