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The most obvious competitor to PotPlayer is VLC, which many of you probably use as your main player. Media Player Classic is another choice on Windows, which, coupled with a codec pack like K-Lite Basic or CCCP, can play most of the important video codecs. MP4 is one of the standard video formats in the Internet due to its high-compression rate and the lightness of its files, which makes them easy and fast to download.
After downloading and installing BlazeDVD Player, double click its desktop shortcut to launch it. Tip: If you want to play some other videos stored on your hard drive or other portable device, you can select “Open Files” on the main interface, select the right the video from the drop-down list to play.
So whether you’re at home with your desktop or trekking with your laptop, with video player software like BlazeDVD, you can fully enjoy high-quality video playback anytime and anywhere.
An all-in-one package tool includes a Blu-ray Converter, DVD Converter and Any Video Converter. The following media apps ought to spice up Google’s boring movie playback options, and at least widen your options when it comes to video viewing on Kindle Fire HD.
Plex for Android of course works WITH your Plex Media Server to offer up your music, video and photos on your mobile device! NO.7 MX Player - Free Claims to "play everything" on its Google Play artwork, and with over 10,000,000 downloads, it's the most popular option out there. H.264, AKA AVC, as its name implies, is Advanced Video Coding which widely used for high definition digital video.

For its great performance, high number of features, and ability to play just about anything, we recommend PotPlayer for all your video playing needs.
You can tweak just about everything of your video, from simple brightness and contrast to deinterlacing, postprocessing, and de-noise to get the best video playback possible. Its biggest advantage is its hardware acceleration, which is great for older computers if you want to play high-def video. Like music players, everyone has their favorite video player and you guys are probably pretty loyal to yours. BlazeDVD, this free mp4 video player software allows you to play MP4 files on your desktop.
Insert the disc into the RAM on your PC, then the player will automatically read and load it. Open the DVD menu to select different titles and chapters, select other media files, adjust volume, select subtitle, control play, set audio and subtitles, change playback mode and so on. MX Player's big selling point is hardware support that's augmented by multi-core decoding, so if you're running a modern dual-core processor, you ought to see a significant performance boost. NO.9 SuperPlayer 2 Video Player - Free SuperPlayer is the best and simplest video player to enjoy your movies on Android platform.
A codec based on the H.264 standard compresses a digital video files so that it only uses half the space of MPEG-2. It is also able to download MKV, AVI and those HD videos from YouTube and other online video sites.

If you can’t get enough of the cinema, an mp4 video player can be a perfect choice to satisfy your entertainment cravings. This can be useful since other video players may lack MP4 capabilities and it is possible that you need to download additional codec or other add-ins to make them MP4-compatible.
With a powerful video player on your computer, you can play any videos and movies as you like.
If you want unlimited playback on Android, no ads, and subtitles support, you can try VLC Direct PRO.
What's more, it has simple interface to make playing H.264, MKV, MP4, AVI files easy and lightweight. It would bring great enjoyment and convenience to watch mp4 files on our computer anytime anywhere. On the control panel, you can find and open the MP4 file(s) you want to play and do personal settings on the program.
If you want a free MP4 player with many functions, BlazeDVD is just the right one for you. Next is a detailed tutorial on how to play movie with this mp4 player software.

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