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It really doesn’t matter how good your camera is, or how good a video maker you are, you will always find that the raw footage will need work. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a bomb on pro video editing software, so if you just want to edit your clips, add music or other soundtracks or apply cool special effects like transitions, there are plenty of free tools around.
This is a very easy program to use, and all you need to do is drag and drop your video clips onto the interface. Adding a soundtrack, captions and credits is equally easy and you have the option of saving the finished job as a video file or putting it on Facebook, YouTube or other social media. More control is available should you need it, for example, it’s easy to trim clips and tweak some other other options. This compact program packs a lot of punch considering its modest download size of 327kb, smaller than a decent photo from a smartphone.
This is the most powerful of all the free editing tools here, with a highly customisable timeline, powerful support for multi-cams, effects you can apply in real time and industrial-strength trimming tools. This is pretty self explanatory, and is designed for video conversion, but you can also use it as no-frills video-editing program. Simply drag and drop video clips onto the interface and it’s easy to put them in order, edit as needed, rotate and flip or convert. If you are looking for the easiest way to make a video or edit one, then you should choose Ezvid.
The free video editor resembles close to Final Cut Pro and has been given a professional touch to its interface and features. When it comes to video editing nobody wants to spend hours on the task, most of us look for a easy and quick way to do the job. Lightworks is one of the free video editing software which is used in various Hollywood movies, including the recent movie Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCarpio and probably the only one which supports 4k resolution which is free, also supports videos in HD and SD formats. WeVideo is an online video editor tool and one of its obvious drawbacks is uploading large video files and downloading them after, though if you are working with smaller size videos or with a good fiber optic broadband connection then your are in good hands. Avidemux is a different video editor tool where you can only load one video clip at a time, so you can’t use it to create a movie by stitching different scenes.
Virtual Dub is a simple video editing program which which helps to get video from your video camera, capture card or any other video for windows compatible devices.
Kate's Video Toolkit is a versatile free video editing software for Windows with a lof of formats supported: AVI, WMV, MOV, DIVX, ASF, 3GP, MP4, etc. Avidemux is one of the top video editing freeware enabling users to edit, convert and encode videos. Similar to MPEG2VCR, Free Video Dub is also an easy-to-use and fast free video editing tool without re-coding.

Licensed under General Public License (GPL), VirtualDub is a free video editing program good at linear video process. The manual and tips how to use SmartPixel software to capture screen and edit video clips will be listed here. FAQ channel, if you have any questions or issues with Smartpixel sreen recorder and video editor software, post here with screenshot and description in details would help us a lot. Now you can record PC and Android game videos to upload and share directly via SmartPixel, copy the video url and advertise here. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best free video editing software for photographers with links to download each program. The easiest way to add polish and professionalism to your footage is to use video-editing software. Kate makes it simple to trim and join video files, combine videos with transitions and put together movies with a dedicated soundtrack. No matter how much trimming you do, video quality is never lost, as Free Video Dub doesn’t actually re-encode your footage. You also get more conventional video-trimming options as you choose the left and right points through the source movie. That’s why, we are going to list 10 best free video editing software for windows platform that will make you both productive and happy. If you want to experience video editing in depth like Final Cut pro for free then you must try VSDC Free Video Editor. If you are looking for something like that, then Kate’s Video toolkit is your best bet. The main features Virtual Dub brings on the table are audio compression methods, control over framerates, choosing video formats and more.
When it comes to video editing, Avidemux is light and easy-to-use with cutting, filtering and encoding supported. Video editing effects provided by VSDC include color correction, transitions and object transformation.
It lets users to delete unwanted parts from video clips and generate new files very quickly.
The key features of Audio to Video Mixer include audio & video mixing, audio extracting (from videos), audio inserting (to videos) and removing (from videos). It is primarily used to trim and clean up videos, and shows terrific performance when dealing with AVI files. VSDC Free Video Editor makes it easy to save your finished masterpiece, or optimise it for mobile devices or DVD burning.

There are tons of videos of youtube that can make you a Windows Movie Maker ninja in few days time.
The software allows you to record voice along with the video and if you are looking to add some musics to your video, Ezvid also provides some wonderful free music-track which will make your video editing experience more enriched. The software provides one of the easiest way to combine different format of videos into a high quality one with support like subtitles, fade-in fade-out effects and much more. Avidemux is best at its manipulating the output with eight categories of filter and numerous items in each category. You can also reduce the size of the video for internet uploads, re-encoding a clip, compressing algorithm, color depth and tweaking frame size with the help of the application. Basic features includes selecting the beginning and end of your video and delete unwanted portion with a single click.
By installing third-party video filter tools, people can also use the batch-processing features provided by VirtualDub. That’s why there is no lack of editing software that are both free and full of features.
Like other video editing software it also supports drag and drop features, direct upload button for YouTube and various codec support. VSDC Free Video editor not only offers powerful video editing capabilities but alo very easy to use. One of the main feature of Kate’s Video toolkit is its built-in video player which will help you preview, watch and listen to your collection without the help of any external tools.
Though the software is all about trimming your videos, it also includes a good tag editor which will help you set metadata of your videos and you can save your current selection as a separate video which is a handy feature if you need. This post covers a list of the best video editing software, you will be able to edit your videos free on Windows, Mac or Linux.
It is likely to be the first choice if you simply want an easy-to-use and fast video editing program. Let’s dig deep into the collection of 10 best free video editing software for windows platform. But, the reason why the software is great is because of its excellent,  average-to-high featured set for home users. Powerful functions along with the revolutionary screen drawing feature have made ezvid one of the best video editing freeware.

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