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The Oxygen Lounge, an exclusive and upscale bar located in downtown Midland, Michigan, had captured a market segment consisting of older, more affluent individuals in the Mid-Michigan area. After our initial meeting with our client, we conducted both primary and secondary research, constructed a competitive analysis map, designed a mock website, and developed a marketing plan with an implementation schedule, along with a break-even financial analysis. She has maintained a proven track record developing high-impact marketing campaigns throughout her career in Boston and Bangor.

As a result, the Oxygen Lounge found our marketing plan and suggestions insightful and began implementing some of our recommendations immediately. Prior to founding Pulse Marketing Agency in 2009, Cintia successfully lead the marketing initiatives for paid publications and distance learning products for SAP and IBM while at Wellesley Information Services (WIS).
Her other career accomplishments include leading the marketing for Blackwell Publishing CME courses while at Informa, and directing the Marketing and Publications Department at Cambridge College.

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