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Yet I was a little surprised, just a week into the new version, to receive an email warning that the previous app was about to stop working (see message above). Recent email marketing research¬†found that two-thirds of Americans regularly check email via smartphone and a significant number of total opens (as high as 70%) are now opened on a mobile device. As a long-time student of the black art of marketing, I knew that I’d be in for some tricks and treats from Simple. The email (below) goes on to make the case for switching to Simple including a testimonial centering on the startup’s spending map. Bank of America’s message was completely generic, saying that mobile banking is secure, convenient, and customized. So today’s email from P2P loan pioneer, Prosper, really grabbed my attention (see screenshot below).

So it’s a good time for financial providers to remind customers about advanced tools available such as alerts, mobile banking, budget tools and so on. Then yesterday, I met with Amit Ashman, Marketing Director at Nice, who happened to be here on a whirlwind visit from their headquarters in Israel. It’s convinced me to write a report on Multi-Channel Customer Support for our Online Banking Report (note 2). Since most emails that look good on mobile look fine on a desktop (but NOT vice versa),¬†you can pretty much disregard the desktop when creating a design template for your email alerts and marketing messages.
But too many banks and credit unions take email alerts for granted, and are still using a template from 2004! Design Good: The email design was attractive and easy to read in a desktop browser window.

I was impressed, both with the enormity of the challenge of coordinating customer messaging, and with the solutions it offers (note 1). However, we’ve tackled remote customer service and messaging a number of times in previous issues of our Online Banking Report.

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