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With more and more users consuming content online and more specifically, on YouTube, it has opened up a whole new playing field to get your business more targeted exposure.
Like PPC Advertising, online marketing with YouTube allows you to target your ideal customers based on who they are and where they’re located.
Lets look at some different types of ad formats for YouTube Advertising and how we can position your business to get maximum exposure! In Search Ads – When a user types a query into the YouTube search you can have your video appear near the top of the results. If you wonder about the benefits of YouTube video marketing, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge should answer all questions.
After participating in the challenge, marketers need to dry themselves off and then ponder the lessons learned about the effectiveness of social video advertising. Well, you can with Channel Factory.  We are a YouTube data company that is completely focused on helping top brands and agencies get their videos watched, shared, and tracked across multiple devices on YouTube and native environments. Incredible Reach: YouTube has the potential to reach the largest percentage of the population of any marketing medium.
Affordability: Television advertising is cost-prohibitive to reach a significant percentage of the target audience, but YouTube video marketing is extremely cost-effective. Measurability: Old-time advertising standards only included estimated reach and frequency statistics, but it was never really possible to prove whether consumers were exposed to a specific message or whether they were totally engaged.

Durability: While most advertising campaigns have a limited shelf life, YouTube video marketing is eternal, with a video message ready to respond every time a new prospect begins a search. Channel Factory offers the opportunity to build on the effectiveness of YouTube video ads with sophisticated abilities to target an audience and increase performance against KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
The challenge is targeting prospects who would be most interested in watching specific pre-roll YouTube ads.
At the heart of Channel Factory’s social video marketing technology is our Curation and Targeting Tool, which allows complete placement transparency before any online advertising flight begins.
About Channel Factory: Channel Factory is a data marketing and YouTube video advertising company focused on helping marketers get their TrueView ads watched, shared, and tracked across multiple devices. YouTube provides you the option to advertise on its homepage through custom mastheads for a full 24 hours.
In March, YouTube introduced a program called Cards – which gave retailers an opportunity to add interactive cards to their videos with a CTA, additional branding message and more. According to Coleman one of the risks of the program is that although retailers are reaching a lot of people – these YouTube users are not necessarily searching and ready to buy which could lead to lower conversion rate. Our team can help identify opportunities for your business and see if running a YouTube Advertising campaign is right for your business.
The latest YouTube statistics reveal that more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube and over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month.

Especially since the introduction of YouTube’s TrueView video ads, viewers have more choice and control over which ads they watch and when. Channel Marketing offers a series of services including contextual video targeting, advanced analytics, and pre-campaign transparency to increase the performance of TrueView, click-through rates (CTR), completion rates, and earned media, or awareness which is garnered through promotional efforts other than advertising. YouTube receives over 80 million unique global users a day so that's a massive exposure for your brand. Google Shopping ads in YouTube are an element of that program and can be managed in AdWords True View Campaigns. We also offer a free Social Engagement Tool, which enables clients to track the sharing and comment activity of a single or multiple YouTube videos across all major social media platforms. If your brand can afford that budget then you have the power to reach almost half of the world's population through YouTube. You will need to talk with YouTube advertisement executives in order to run your ad on the homepage. At that time, about 66% of YouTube visitors responded that they had watched a product video within that social network.

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