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The campaign will revolve and showcase several historically significant people who found a new way to excel at their respective disciplines, something the Japanese automaker takes pride in doing itself. The new ad campaign will be seen throughout North America in movies, television, print, and digital media. Much of the advertising campaign will center around the automaker’s SkyActiv technology which has allowed Mazda to build vehicles with excellent fuel efficiency, low emissions, and stellar driving dynamics. Some used funny advertisement designs and others used controversial print ads.A good example of creative advertising is what we will show you today. Comforta: Baby Couple Advertising CampaignA sweet advertising campaign with excellent metaphor and greatly visualized.

Jeep Compass: Compass Baby Advertisement DesignThis is a great example of an effective advertising campaign. Minnesota Hockey: Born to Play Creative AdvertisingThis is an example of a creative hockey advertisement design especially without showing any hockey equipment.
Zurich Chamber Orchestra: Baby Concert Advertising DesignKnowing that it was not easy to take this picture of a baby, the creative team did a good job. IDBI Federal Childsurance: Angry Baby Print Ad DesignThe cute angry picture of the baby played a big role in making this advertising campaign effectively. The campaign idea is hilarious but surely effective as it conveys the message in a funny way.

Sonntags Zeitung: Baby Advertising CampaignA really smart and awesome advertising for a newspaper.
Coppertone: Surfer Creative Advertising CampaignThe concept of this advertisement design is well worked.

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