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A photograph of a $77 dress has ricocheted around the Internet, apparently breaking BuzzFeed’s traffic records, with 16 million hits in six hours.
The striped dress appears to be white and gold to some people, but blue and black to others — a phenomenon that neuroscientists say has to do with how our brains interpret colors differently. Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.
David Greenberg chronicles how the spin machine began in the era of Teddy Roosevelt, but has grown and changed over the past century.
The terrorist attacks in Brussels, Paris and Boston, as well as the September 11 attacks all involved brothers. Are there parallels between the anger being expressed during this campaign and the turmoil surrounding the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago? Best Answer: one of the most common things to do would be to buy a nice pair of WHITE shoes and get them dyed to match your dress exactly.
I just bought a navy dress for a September wedding and I am not sure what color shoes would look best with it. We’ve finally gotten to the bottom of this mind-boggling dress, thanks to Laura Coleman, who modeled it for UK fashion brand Roman Originals.
We’ve been sharing some gorgeous brides in pretty pink and gray wedding dresses, so where can you find a unique dress like them? I’m actually wearing the pink Vera Wang for David’s Bridal dress in four weeks!

Not since Monica Lewinsky was a White House intern has one blue dress been the source of so much consternation.
The fact that a single image could polarize the entire Internet into two aggressive camps is, let’s face it, just another Thursday. Light enters the eye through the lens—different wavelengths corresponding to different colors.
We asked our ace photo and design team to do a little work with the image in Photoshop, to uncover the actual red-green-blue composition of a few pixels. In the image as presented on, say, BuzzFeed, Photoshop tells us that the places some people see as blue do indeed track as blue.
The point is, your brain tries to interpolate a kind of color context for the image, and then spits out an answer for the color of the dress. At least we can all agree on one thing: The people who see the dress as white are utterly, completely wrong. My bridesmaids will be in navy dresses, and I'm having a hard time figuring out what color shoes to have them wear. English model Laura Coleman, who claims she was the first to rock the frock, took to her Instagram on Feb.
Laura has confirmed that the dress is in fact blue and black, as you can clearly see in the image above. You’re not the only one, and there is a scientific reason why people are perceiving the dress differently.

Tell us what colors you saw when you first looked at the dress, and whether your perception has changed since then!
I have been trying to figure out the designers name but all I come up with are the images of the dress? But for the past half-day, people across social media have been arguing about whether a picture depicts a perfectly nice bodycon dress as blue with black lace fringe or white with gold lace fringe. The light hits the retina in the back of the eye where pigments fire up neural connections to the visual cortex, the part of the brain that processes those signals into an image.
Critically, though, that first burst of light is made of whatever wavelengths are illuminating the world, reflecting off whatever you’re looking at. And when Harris reversed the process, balancing to the darkest pixel in the image, the dress popped blue and black. I wasn’t looking for a coloured wedding dress when I started shopping and actually laughed when Dew Drop was pulled for me but my heart stopped when I saw myself in it! That chromatic axis varies from the pinkish red of dawn, up through the blue-white of noontime, and then back down to reddish twilight. If you just looked at those numbers and tried to predict what color that was, what would you say?” Conway asks.

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