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Weddings are wonderful romantic events and we all like being invited to see two people in love finally tie the knot. RSVP is a French acronym, short for: ‘repondez s’il vous plait’ and simply means ‘reply please’! Guests: Please RSVP promptly, as the happy couple, and the venue do need to know how many to cater for, and it makes arranging seating plans so much easier if they know who is coming. Guests: If you are bringing your child to a wedding then do keep them quietly entertained, particularly during the ceremony. One of the biggest issues for guests is, ‘how much should I spend on a wedding present’? Above all else, enjoy the day and celebrate the happy occasion with smiles, laughter and good cheer! Mike Foley is a writer and reviewer specialising in lifestyle, music and home entertainment, who resides in Lancashire with his lovely wife, two cats, three rabbits and an assortment of Guinea Pigs.
Mike Foley is a freelance writer who tackles such diverse subjects as lifestyle, music and technology.
I love the idea of wearing jewel tones like ruby red, burgundy, navy and emerald green to a vineyard.
Images name: Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer - to see this image in full size, just right click on the pictures above and than select "Open link in new tab" in your browser. When you are invited to attend a wedding ceremony, you find yourself full of contradicted feelings.
At Wedding Party, we’re always trying to keep all wedding-goers, brides, grooms, and guests, updated on the latest and greatest trends and inspiration. If you are looking for ideas on wedding guest hairstyles for long hair, here we’ve selected some of the most stylish wedding guest hairstyles for long hair for your ideas and consideration . One of the most annoying things is to send out invitations, and then not receive a reply in a reasonable time. You want your wedding reception to be for everyone, including kids, but there is nothing worse than a bored, grumpy child causing a fuss - and I don’t just mean the groom! Encourage them to play with other kids, and do have a dance with them, so they don’t feel left out. Then, you can usually tell who the both sets of parents are – the mothers-in-law-to-be looking stunning, and the fathers dashing in their suits. Assuming the happy couple have not filled their gift list with 50” plasma screens and Blu-ray players, it is possible to get a lovely gift for a fairly modest outlay. If you are unfortunately late in arriving, enter discretely, quietly and don’t make a fuss. As you can see on Venue Safari, these locations are usually a little bit rustic and often feature outdoor ceremonies.

Her philosophy is that a bride should feel like the most fabulous version of herself on her wedding day. Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer and all other images, photos or designs in this site are copyright of their respective owners. Remember that you can straighten, curl your bobbed hair, or add waves to it; what can prevent you from doing so?!
When I’m trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding, I can tell you Pinterest is my first and last stop for style inspiration.
Is there anything here that would be perfect for an upcoming wedding you’re attending? The day is, of course, all about the  happy couple, but guests and their behaviour can make the day even more memorable, and if a few basic etiquette guidelines are followed then everything will run smoothly and a splendid time is guaranteed for all. Give a ‘goodie bag’ of colouring books or puzzles to each child (depending on their age) to keep them amused. Follow the dress code if there is one, don’t just rock up in ripped jeans and a Motorhead shirt - unless it’s that kind of wedding! Recent research from online bank First Direct shows that the average amount spent per present is ?51.00, so there is no need to break the bank. Failing that, give gift vouchers for a department store so they have some choice, and if you are really feeling the pinch and are a bit handy, then an attractive home made gift a la Kirsty Allsop can make a lovely present.
Make profuse apologies later, if you find yourself shunned by the bridal party for your terrible faux pas. He brings to Confetti his own experiences of life, love, joy and heartbreak, tempered with a healthy dollop of humour. Your wedding attire should be more sophisticated than a garden wedding, but less formal than one in a museum, hotel or country club. All what you, my dear women, have to do is either straighten or add waves and curls of any type to your hair, and let it flow down; i think that nothing’s simpler than that!
Not only does it keep me updated on the latest trends and what my favorite fashion bloggers are wearing, but it gives me a whole range of ideas on what could potentially look good as a wedding guest. I see you have linked them to blogs you may have found them on, but would love to know where I can purchase them. Make sure that child-friendly food is available for the meal or buffet, and perhaps add some healthy snacks to the goodie bag such as raisins or Organix snacks, as a hungry child can soon become a noisy child!
A rose gold monogram necklace and pave earrings complement the look nicely without overwhelming the dress – a statement necklace is a little too flashy when you are out in the countryside.
Whitney is an event stylist and has handled PR for professional athletic teams and big-name brands. Submit your own wedding inspiration, We are always interested in wedding topic and related ideas.

Some of us, maybe more than some, may find it like a piece of cake to pick the right outfit for that occasion, but they may feel totally the opposite concerning picking the right hairdo, right? If you aren’t so keen on doing so, then you can opt for pulling your hair, regardless of being straight or curly, into a ponytail.
Whether it’s for the bridal shower, bachelorette or actual wedding day, one of these stylish wedding guest looks could inspire your next foray into wedding event fashion. If possible, book a reception venue that has a play area or, better still, if you have several guests bringing children, hire a wedding creche.
Finish it off with nude wedges that won’t sink in the grass and a pinky-nude nail polish from Rescue Beauty Lounge.
Pixie cut hairstyles can be considered like the best choice for you, if you like to get a sexy, but simple hair look. As you can see that you, as a wedding guest, have a wide range of hairstyles to pick from, and all of them are sexy, glam and eye catching. They have various styles which range from the simple to the sort of complicated ones such as; braided, spiral, classic or loose. Let’s not forget that they range from short and medium to long ones, besides coming in various styles! For sure, you think that now is the time to start showing our myriad of wedding guest hairstyles, don’t you?
And for your info, you can add more glamour and sex appeal to your look by adding any style of bangs such as; layered, wispy, blunt, side swept, etc. Besides the buns, you can opt for sporting either the chignons or French twists; both of them are known for their classy and chic look. Whether you opt for adding them or not, keep in your mind that you’re going to look in your best suit! The first is to pick the hairdo that suits your facial details, hair nature, hair texture and personality, as well. Concerning the second and third things, they are the ones I told you about at the beginning, which are to pick the hairstyle that doesn’t look too fancy or plain, and to forget about adding any sort of bridal or fancy hair accessories such as the jeweled ones. Briefly, try as much as you can to dress your hair in a way that never upstages the bride or the bridesmaid, as well.

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