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I have long loved a bride who ditches the traditional wedding dress in a shade of white, in favour of a coloured gown more reflective of her personal style for her big day. I think that black is new white for brides, and the opinion that black is only for offbeat or Goth brides isn’t right.
Yeah, Goth and Halloween brides are the first ones to rock a black gown as this color is the most mysterious and classic for Goth style.
The trend for 2014 wedding dress are breaks all the rules: say goodbye to the pristine white, because if you want to be really trendy, you have a touch of black. The color that has always been referred to as the color never to wear on the day of their wedding, will be the most fashionable detail for brides 2014. The meaning attributed to black is not in fact one of the most joyful, but dosed with caution and combined sepientemente will give your white dress a unique and very chic!
What are the details that blacks can be added to your outfit and you are not likely to transform the portrait of the bride corpse? The secret is all in the black dose to a minimum and allow its use only to the details: the gloves may be prime candidates to become blacks such as oil but do not leave them alone, try another spot where a touch of black to resume this detail or it will turn into a black spot and nothing else.
If the model of dress that you have chosen allows you put a black band at the waist that tie in the back with a nice bow: noir and romantic at the same time.

For brides who want to leave the pristine white as a true hero, they can always decide to opt for a bouquet of flowers such as calla dark blacks combined with a white band. But not just that pictures above, because we also post something like 2015 Wedding Dress Trends : Black!
Is black the next white?When you think of wedding gowns,  a white or ivory dress comes to mind but recently designers such as Vera Wang have been experimenting with a bold alternative; black. If you would like to see more similar wedding dresses with sleeves please visit the black and white wedding dresses with sleeves post. Should you wish to contact me or ask any questions with regards to an item that you see on the website, perhaps you would like me to help you locate the seller, kindly leave a message below the post in the comment box, quoting the dress "title tag". If yes, you will also love this chic collection of vintage wedding dresses with black lace that we selected here.
If you are planning a top elegant black and white affair, go for a low cut or lace black dress to look stunning. Some may say it can look distinctly Gothic, therefore undermining love, while others may say it is a statement dress that everyone will remember.Brides have been wearing white since the Victorian era so is it time for a new colour to be introduced?
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Many modern designers include this color into their collections and you can find a wonderful piece for any style.
Black mixes amazing with any color you like, from hot pink to turquoise, so you can use any shade to make colorful accents but, of course, black and white is the top combo for any wedding. The most common 2 coloured gowns are simple the black and white where you can match the wedding theme like wedding invitations and decorations. If you want to download this Wedding Dresses design images at full resolution, simply click on the link below the images and you will be redirected to the download area. Celebrity Inspired Wedding Dress 2015 in White or browse another images about Wedding Dresses. Any bride-to-be should definitely consider the combination of black and white with their wedding dresses.

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