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This earth week I have found myself appreciating every detail of this beautiful place call Earth. If the theme of your wedding is natured, but your style is classic, the top wedding dress is for you. I'm starting a series where we're going to be taking a closer look at some of the most popular trends coming up in 2010.
If you wish to have a formal garden wedding, you can still opt for the extravagant garden wedding dresses of your dreams. You have to keep in mind that some garden wedding venues can be small and they may be difficult for you to move through in a very elaborate ball gown type of dress. By selecting a moderately simple and comfy garden wedding gown, you will not feel as if you necessitate transforming for your reception.

And I guess I’m not alone on this nature crush mood since I found these ridiculously awesome wedding gowns inspired by no other than Mother Nature. However, if low-key is what you’re aiming for, you have to take comfort in the fact that all of the informal styles you may be in love with from magazines and advertisements will be perfect in a garden setting. Some wedding dresses with long trains and veils that drag on the ground may not look as crisp in photos because of grass stains, dirt, and mud. Even if you plan to dance the night away, you may still be able to dress in your dress all the time. All dresses were previewed in NYC Bridal Market and they belong to the Spring 2012 collections of three of the top bridal fashion designers.
And there are some considerations to think about when choosing garden wedding dresses in order to get the perfect one.

If temperature becomes the concern of you, you have to choose a wedding dress made from lighter fabrics that do not have heavy detailing in order to stay cooler as you recite your vows. There are loads of dresses that are both classy and yet less-formal than traditional dresses that are ideal for a garden or outdoor wedding venue. In general, garden wedding dresses can be anything you’d like to be married in and just choose the one that makes you cozy and reflects your taste and personality.

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