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Copyright © 2012 Best Template Collection, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Passport Invitations are such a fun and unique way of inviting people to your wedding or other event.
I'm adding new designs all the time so call back soon or contact me directly if you have something specific in mind.I can also create Passport Invitations for various different countries so the design of your invitation can match the country you're getting married in or perhaps the country you're from.
At first I wanted it to be super authentic looking, so I thought maybe I’d go for the navy cover and gold foil stamp.
The cost for the RSVP boarding passes was not done at this print shop, as this was a much simpler project than the passports. Another suggestion I have would be to find a paper less textured than the one we went with. The examples below are a selection of my recent designs so have a browse to see if there are any particular styles you like.Click on the images below to see more details about each design (please note these pages are currently being updated so if there is no link available please call back soon or contact me directly to see more examples).
Perhaps you're from different countries and want to show them uniting on the cover of your Passport Invitation? Originally we were inspired by Aylee’s Bits template BUT when I showed the template to my FI, he was like “all it is is a logo and a background stamp image! Lol so we ended up deciding that this high-texture metallic cream color would turn out better. When we first looked at their website we were so amazed we knew we wanted to provide our guests with all the pictures and information about the resort in the invite itself.
This will ensure compatibility with their printers and will make the whole process much simpler.
You may want to print on just the outside of the cover, and glue the contents pages to the inside.
Stamped and ready to go!!!I also forgot to mention, the envelope size was too tall for our invites, but it was not a problem at all. We’re playing with the idea of a DW and these would be perfect if we decide to go that route!

My FI and I worked soooo hard on them for over a week (wording and design)… then finding a printer… and assembling!
Our thought was simple- the more impressive the invite, the more excited our guests will be about coming!
If they make a printing mistake, they can simply restock themselves instead of you having to order more or run back and forth between the store and the print shop. Take any magazine for instance~ do you think the ads and layout of each page were created to be the exact dimensions of the magazine? This is called setting an IMAGE BLEED and is designed to compensate for printing and cutting errors. This would allow you to be able to hide the sewn binding from being seen from the outside when closed. The thicker the paper, the more likely you’ll see splitting and cracking along the seam when folded without a proper creasing technique! It worked out well and held the pages secure and was certainly quicker than have to glue and sew, but definitely took some practice to get consistent hole placement.
This is because the clear plastic flap can be folded down and secured well-past the designed fold point. And has country passport logo for USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Mexico, Jamaica, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Denmark! And this is an important thing for those guests who might be trying to convince their significant others about shelling out the dough for such a trip! Haha none of the people who work there knew what they were talking about and they basically wasted our time and a few sheets of our paper!!!! Our print shop had a hydraulic press that held multiple sheets together and cut the pages to perfection. An added benefit to doing this is that it will also help with finding the exact center of the page during assembly. Thanks to the collective ideas of the weddingbee community and our own personal touch, we made some gorgeous, professional, and unique wedding invites!

I'm more than happy to send examples of designs I've created for other couples so you can get an idea of what's possible. And with the right paper, we found it was possible to make the ink look metallic, even though it wasn’t!
This was a small fee but saved us time and stress over cutting them ourselves with a cheap straight-line. They design everything to be slightly wider dimensions and then slice off the edges to make sure the finished edge of the magazine does not show any empty borders. Also, to save on costs, stack two or more images on the same sheet, center them on the page, and of course, print on both sides. If you’re dying to use a particular colored paper you found, maybe instead try using it to make a brochure-folder for your invites, or maybe create your own envelopes! We made a few calls and headed (just down the road) to InstyPrints – a local print shop. Also consider the loss of materials if you screw a few up, you may end up having to print more, costing you the extra $$$ anyway! Centering the images allows for front-back printing to line up perfectly, and also has the added benefit of keeping your image away from the edges- inside the printer’s safe printing margins. This price includes all supplies and tools, printing, the cost of the envelopes and address labels, but does not include the cost of postage.
My recommendation would be to use a light-colored metallic paper if you want an easy printable paper with a little sparkle to your invite! You could always just laminate the inside-cover page (just like an official passport) to add that extra thickness to the cover!
But with a 40% off coupon you can get your own board and folder for less than $12, and then you can feel cool that you did it yourself!

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