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Cap, like all of the clubs on the Street, enthusiastically participates in Lawnparties, Winter Formals, and Houseparties festivities. Bicker at Cap is a fun-loving, welcoming process that gives you the chance to get to know members and members a chance to get to know you through a series of games and conversations.
If you would like to sign up for our bicker listserv, where you will receive notifications about sophomore events and the bicker process, fill out this form. The Cap and Gown clubhouse was built in 1908 and was designed by Raleigh Gildersleeve, who also designed a number of other well-known Princeton landmarks including McCosh 50 and the dining hall at the Graduate College. On the first floor, Cap has a comfy living room with fireplace, a sunporch, our historic dining room, an expanded servery, and our new dining room.
Downstairs, Cap has a brand-new taproom featuring a granite-topped bar, four taps, a television, a speaker system and a jukebox for a wide array of nighttime activities and fun. On the second floor, members study in our beautiful library, use the computers and printer in the computer room, challenge each other to a game of pool in the pool room, and watch TV in the dangerously comfortable TV room.
Outside, our recent renovation included the addition of a beautiful, landscaped courtyard flanked by double decker balconies. Cap and Gown Club was founded in 1891 by a group of undergraduates from the Class of 1893 who had formed an eating society called the “Oliver Twist Club.” With some help from the godfather of so many of the clubs, Moses Taylor Pyne, Class of 1877, the group was reborn as Cap and Gown.
The smallest purpose-built clubhouse at Princeton, this building played a key role in the development of the club system. Cap and Gown, meanwhile, commissioned Boston architect William Ralph Emerson to design a new and more elegant clubhouse in 1895. In December 1896, Cap and Gown moved in, but within a decade it felt compelled to build again. Gildersleeve offered a new style for an eating club: a kind of French-influenced or Norman Gothic, built of brick. Gildersleeve added that “an effect of irregularity, simplicity, and individuality was thus obtained which could not be achieved in any other way.” Gildersleeve also supervised the planting of a row of Lombardy poplars on either side of the building.
Cap hosts alumni events all year long including a fall homecoming celebration, Alumni Day reception in February, Cap Night at the Princeton Club of New York, and a Big Reunions Open House after the P-rade. When you join Cap and Gown, you don’t just join for your junior and senior year – you meet friends for a lifetime and are a member for life! Dennis Normile has been Cap and Gown’s Club Steward and our fearless leader for over 35 years.
People from all different backgrounds, teams, groups, and activities all come together to be a part of the unique experience that defines Cap. In addition to these staple events, Cap members also get to enjoy a Casino night or Fall Formal during the fall semester, a Valentine’s Day semi-formal during the spring semester, and a whole slew of themed social gatherings throughout the year.

Thursday Dinner Club Nights are members only affairs with special meals and themed drinks- ranging from Big Burger Night to Sushi Night and Mexican food. Bring an adventurous, willing attitude (and a fun fact and a joke) and you’ll have a great time. The new dining room, equipped with a powerful speaker system, fits nearly two hundred people and is great for parties and dances. This is the scene for fall tailgates, tent parties, and Cap’s famous outdoor barbecues (with our enormous outdoor grill). It was completed in March 1892, but within three years, Cap and Gown had outgrown it and sought to build a larger structure.
In its Olden Street location, this building was the famous “Incubator,” so called because it served as the birthplace to a series of emerging clubs, including Cannon, Campus, Charter, Terrace, and Tower. Emerson was a noted practitioner of the shingle style, but in this structure looked to other models.
Ivy and Cottage had completed their grand new clubhouses and Colonial and Cap soon followed suit.
It was T-shaped, with the long side facing Prospect Avenue and the short side on the west end. For all of Gildersleeve’s expressed intentions of “simplicity,” it is the most ornamented of all the eating clubs and in scale and elegance ranks with the other clubhouses of the period.
Hundreds of Cap members return for Homecoming and Reunions when we all enjoy the fabulous station party buffet put on by Dennis Normile, our club steward, and our great kitchen crew and club staff. He is a manager, a chef, a mentor, a disciplinarian (oh yes) when needed, and the ultimate party planner.
Proceeds were given to the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) and schools in New Jersey that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.
Generally, fees for juniors and seniors are payable in two installments, one in the summer before classes begin, and the other in January or February; sophomore fees are due February or March.
Bicker at Cap is typically a fun, exciting, low-pressure environment where bickerees are encouraged to meet the members through a variety of games, events and activities organized by members. While social events are important to the membership, there are many more things for Cap members to do together.
The sunroom is a favorite spot to study- and sometimes people will nap in the living room while the more musically-inclined members play tunes and sing around the piano. Speir, Class of 1887, the new club constructed a building for itself on the south side of Prospect Avenue, across from the University Field, on the lot that Cap still occupies. The Speir building was moved across the street to a location near the eastern corner of Olden Street and Prospect Avenue, approximately where the Mudd Library stands today.

Other clubs temporarily occupied the Incubator while their own clubhouses were under construction or renovation.
The rendering for the building shows a distinctly Italianate Revival influence, especially in the pair of large arched windows on the facade and the second-floor balconies.
Cap selected Raleigh Gildersleeve, a prominent architect with much experience in Princeton, to design its new clubhouse. In case the club needed to expand, Gildersleeve noted, it could construct a second wing to the east. In the main the lines have been kept as simple as possible, but at the entrance doorway and over the windows of the dining room bay the stonework has been enriched with carving in the Gothic fashion, somewhat florid and fanciful. The fundraising campaign was an effort that brought alumni together more than ever with a series of celebrations as each goal was reached on the road to completing the project successfully. During the 2012-2013 school year, Cap won the Street-wide Intramural Championship–completely dominating the utterly frail competition (looking at you, Colonial) and claiming the trophy. In reviewing the finished structure, the Princetonian noted that “it is nearly square in form and rises two and one-half stories, the first being of blue Lancaster granite, and the second of stucco with ornamental rubble finish.” Of the Prospect Avenue clubs, only Tiger Inn (1893-5) featured this kind of mixed media on the exterior. This placement also offered fine views to the south from the large veranda that runs all the way across the rear of the building. The walls are of brick, very dark and glazed for the most part, but with as much variety in color as could conveniently be obtained.
He can whip up a feast, carve an ice sculpture, and paint extraordinary backdrops for any theme. Everyone interested is encouraged to come out, be themselves, and enjoy the camaraderie of getting to know each other in an incredibly unique and fun way. Most of all, he is Cap’s best friend and most fun sitting around telling stories about Cap lore. Reset it Login × Close Contact SupplierOk Name Phone Email Message Send × Close Get your complete wedding checklistAlready registered? Please login First Name Last name Email address Password Password confirmation Wedding date Phone I agree to the terms & conditions of Wedding Club All fields are required.

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