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Summer season has begun, and for many people that means fielding invite after invite for Sunday afternoon bridal showers. This is for friend at the office you go to get lunch with,  who you forward funny emails to, and lets you borrow her lipstick when you forget yours at home. Turn your bridal shower from plain and ordinary into an extraordinary event by integrating bridal shower games into your party.
With these  bridal shower games you will find everyone at your party getting a little silly and crazy, but that’s the fun of it. Famous Couple Trivia : Gather info about famous couples and use that as the basis for a trivia quiz at your bridal shower. Wedding Day Charades: This is played similar to regular charades except you act out a wedding day phrase.

You spend your lunch hours sifting through custom, or hand-made stationery, and consulting with your calendar to see which dates you’re available for.
Then after watching them sweat, announce that the scale is there so that everyone can weigh… their handbag. Prepare by creating two lists of words (each list needs to be longer than your guest list so that every guest will be able to choose one from each list). The second list should be of everyday items found in daily life such as dirty dishes and toilet bowls.
Most brides will register for their wedding at their favourite retailer,  but sometimes you’ll be hit with a theme that leaves you scratching your head.
Maybe you grab after work drinks, in which case, I think a set of wine glasses would be great.

Each shower guest takes a turn being blindfolded and they have 30 seconds to find as many safety pins as they can.
Try this game at your bridal shower: Pass out balloons (inflated and tied) with pieces of paper inside.
PEARLIZED($0.75 each)(98 lb) A pearlized, white card stock that adds zest and fun to most any design.

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