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DisclosureDisclosure: I earn commissions from some of the products I review or mention on this site. For this game, make a list of things which are usually seen in a woman’s purse, and in the same paper, make another list of the most unusual things that could be seen in a woman’s purse. This totally free bridal shower game can get really fun, but some maybe offended so please use it with caution o(*???*)? .
Write some bridal shower game questions on a paper about the bride and see how many you get right. There’s no better way to honor a bride-to-be than with a bridal shower, but where do you start?
Pass the sheet around and have each person write a new line, folding the paper to only reveal the freshest sentence.

In this post, I will share you some guiding of some important things you need, from picking out the bridal shower invitations to decoration inspirations and games. Place the captain of each one team against a wall, holding a broomstick between her legs, pointing outward at the opposite wall.
Get tons of bridal shower ideas for bridal shower invitations and decorations, cakes, food or shower favors and gifts. Read on and you will find fun and cheap bridal shower game ideas which you can play at a bridal shower. For instance, mirror is usually seen in a woman’s purse so it should be given a low point and on the other hand, it is very unlikely to find something like a stone in a woman’s purse and hence, it should be given the highest points. Ask them to write the one household chore they hate the most and list three reasons why they hate it so much.

When all the guests arrived, make some groups and announce the items on the list one by one and the group should be given points according to the things found from the purse of the members. Take back the papers and read aloud the reasons EXCEPT replace the hated household chore with the phrase-“I hate sex because…” Your guests will be laughing, blushing and the joke for the once will be on them not the bride!!
The goal of the game is to answer questions about the wedding and the couple using words that start with their initials.Only original answers count, so be creative and get ready for some laughs! At the end of the round, in the end girls have taken their turn, the group whose captain contains the most rolls of paper wins.

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