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Kameruka was the crossing loop station on the Candelo branch and was originally designed as that, a smaller loop, but when twenty wagon trains were thrown at it for crossing then the loop also had to be lengthened.

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Major seasonal exhibitions and events complement the existing beauty of the permanent gardens, and highlights include the Holiday Train Show (November - January) and The Orchid Show (March - April).

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This page has the miscellaneous Z Scale products, Locomotive, structures, track, etc.

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Cars appear on the interchange track at upper left, and are spotted at one of the five industries.

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Share your hobby with your mother.

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Most 1:8 scale railroads west and south of Pennsylvania use 7-1/2” gauge for 1:8 scale.

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The Alamo Model railroad Engineer's HO scale model railroad layout is constantly growing and evolving.

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Ash and clinker is of course dark when seen close up, but when outside from some distance it takes pale tones - this is known as scale colour.

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And when you run through the track, you have to deal with dirty track, just like those model railroaders of yore.

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In a 24 inch radius of an Atlas HO True-Track, 16 sections are required in order to complete a full 48 inch diameter.

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Pricing varies depending on the kit and includes light weathering. A considerable space is left open at the east side of this building,for a wheel unloading platform and an entrance track to the main shop; on the west is a space of 50 ft. which ...

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