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The sale of Dueber-Hampden ended 53 years of Hampden as a Manufacture d'horlogerie”.

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In the photo, my grandson and I are playing with his Christmas present - the Pennsylvania Express set.

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However, they kind of dropped the ball for 1996, 2000, 2003 and 2004 didn't release as set those years.

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We've bought and sold toy and model trains by almost every manufacturer at some point in time.

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Is this typical of Lionel starter kits...I see the same engine in many of the starter kits of today.

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Women aren't the only people who can enjoy this hobby.

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For your model horses (as well as for model train collectors), gauge n amazon sets train you will find some of the finest BD Wagons' hand-crafted replicas of items from the Old West and Victoria Era. Here's the ultimate glossary to model railways ...

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This could quickly become a hobby that everyone enjoys.

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My phone has been ringing nonstop since the bankruptcy sale and my Scranton office is getting so many emails that we've had to work overtime to accommodate the traffic,” Grzyboski said.

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Amazon India has an amazing range of these edutainment toys, pick from building, decoration parts, figures, landscaping, lighting & signal, Engineering, locomotives, replacement parts, starter packs, tools & cleaning, track construction, trains, vehicles, wagons and much more verities.

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Because they are easily taken apart from one another, they are ideal for hobbyists who like to set up their Trains HO at shows.

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