When you decide you want to learn how to become a tattoo artist, you will find that there are a lot of different paths you can take. Some tattooists become “scratchers,” learning the basics the hard way and practicing on whoever will let them.  For someone who is really serious about learning how to become a tattoo artist, however, the true path to a professional position usually requires an apprenticeship. At the beginning of an apprenticeship, you may wonder if what you’re doing has anything at all with actually teaching you how to become a tattoo artist.  This is because most apprenticeships start out with a lot of “grunt” work.
The master artist wants to see that you are dedicated and motivated, that you’re a hard worker who is eager to do everything necessary to be a success. The next step may require you to learn how to tattoo by practicing on fruit, animal skins, or fake practice skins. Generally, you will only be able to do a small amount, perhaps a bit of lining or tattoo shading to start out.  This is a really exciting time in a tattoo apprenticeship because not only are you learning how it really feels to put the needles to the skin, but you also know that your master artist is impressed with you and has confidence in your abilities. Even though getting an apprenticeship is a major part of learning how to become a tattoo artist, it is not all that easy.  Master artists have their pick of apprentices, and the competition is fierce.

One way to improve your chances of learning how to become a tattoo artist from a true master artist is to have a stellar portfolio. If you find that you’re having a hard time finding a master who is willing to teach you how to become a tattoo artist, you may not be presenting yourself in the best way possible.  Politely ask for advice on what you can do differently to ensure that you will have better luck with the next place you try. Sugar skull tattoos are generally elaborately decorated based on the request of the person getting the tattoo. It can take years of waiting to get the apprenticeship you want…or even to get one at all.  Many apprentices have found that they must actually relocate in order to find opportunities to train in the field.
Undoubtedly tattoos have become more popular nowadays that 10 years ago, there are plenty of reasons including David Beckham getting an angel’s tattoo at the back.
So, yeah, David Beckham and some other “big” stars made the tattoos a trending topic and ‘then we got shows like Miami Ink.
Yes, I’m talking about that reality show of TLC (Disvoery Channel at Spain) which showed how life was working at a tattoo studio.

They talked about the usual questions from customers, how they picked an image for the tattoo, their personal reasons for getting a tattoo, and finally the process of getting ink in. So let’s just talk about the ethic and easy one (well, sometimes hard).Get a tattoo apprenticeship, this means, fill a vacant at a local tattoo shop where you will start from the bottom and get a lot of opportunities to practice and learn. The only problem is that 90% of the tattoo artist won’t accept you as their apprentice, and they would definitely say no if you don’t have a portfolio of good drawings.So you will have a hard time trying to get an opportunity, but keep trying, if you accept a low payment and agree to do some boring tasks, they may accept you and sooner or later they will start to teach you some good stuff. Try to find a good tattoo artist, someone who you can share style and good ideas, else they will never teach you something good.And this is a sick and sad world. If you are a girl, congratulations, tattoo artist are more willing to accept girl apprentices.

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