July 8, 2013 by Ken McGavin This week we asked our Facebook Followers if Tattoo Art was Real Art. French born Tattoo artist XoA?l (aka LoA?c) has a style that could even inspire award winning graphic designers.
Roxx started Tattooing on the streets of London in the late 1980a€™s by hand poking punk rockers with little black pictograms. Throughout the week we shared some beautiful Tattoos, some awful wrecks of Tattoos, some very Patriotic Tattoos for the 4th of July, and we also shared the work of Manuel Nunez who incorporated Tattoos into his extraordinary fine art pieces.
XoA?l works with Tattooing ink in a way that a master painter works with watercolors, acrylics or oils.

Without having a great deal of resources or information on the art of Tattooing, Nazareno started with a more traditional arts education. As the voting response was undeniably in favor of supporting the opinion that Tattoos are Real Art, we wanted to spotlight 3 exceptional Tattoo Artists that give meaning to the Art of Tattooing! The lessons Nazareno learned in art school opened him up to new ways of expression in his Tattoo work. XoA?l’s stunning style and technique called a€?Photoshop Stylea€? takes Tattooing to a new level and form of art.
Art school, however, didn’t provide all he needed to know to master the art of Tattooing so he traveled.

Her extraordinary design work celebrates the strength of the human spirit as her Tattoos are primarily comprised of sacred geometry, architecture, and indigenous art patterns. Visiting artists around the world, including those in Borneo, Spain and Mexico, to learn different Tattoo styles, techniques and approaches.

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