The Virgin Mary, mother of the Christ, who gave birth to him through the blessing of a holy spirit is worshiped by people across all faiths.
It was also a way of remaining virtuous as the “Blessed virgin Mary” stood for chastity and purity. Folded hands below Virgin Mary’s image are symbolic of the trust her believers have in her ability to convey their prayers to the almighty.
The crowned Virgin Mary wearing a pink dress with a green veil covering her head resembles a queen.
A benevolent image of Virgin Mary with a halo at the back of her face exudes kindness and love.
Dressed up as a nun Virgin Mary with her rosary and a bindi on forehead is lost in thoughts. Eyes welling up with emotions and hands folded in a prayerful pose, Mary is always thinking of her children’s welfare.

Virgin Mary with angel wings standing atop a rose branch painted in black and white on the arm. So soothing and sentimental, the child Christ gently caressing Mary’s chin is a picture that will strike every heart. Christ and Mary embossed on separate hands in similar pattern are a confirmation of the wearer’s faith in Christianity. The flamboyant girl has added a dash of modernity to the picture of Virgin Mary tattoo on her sleeve.
Virgin Mary emerging from the flames is symbolic of the test life throws at those who strive for truth and love.
Mary in her twin braided tails and wings with stars shining above her looks like the image from a fairy tale story. Nice work of art and blending of images to create a colorful and bright tattoo on the belly.

Mother Mary looks up to god to mollify the girl who is shedding tears as her grief has become unbearable.
A small, black tattoo of Mary with angel wings inked below the waist looks simple and elegant. The tattoos consist of the pictures of Mary, mostly based on the images inscribed on walls of the churches. But the scope of creativity is not restricted considering the religious domain, the tattoo fall into.

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