In Artists Inspire Artist’s Inspirational Galleries, we present to you amazing & high quality artwork from incredible artists throughout the world.
Aside from using typography in books, posters and others, it is even more effective when used in art.
Bear in mind that what we mentioned here are merely guides for you to make use of typography.
Advertisers are getting great help from typographic artists, who make an ad attractive to grab the attention of customers. It is not easy to become a master typography artist; people have struggled years in this field to get some recognition.
Typography artists should have passion, observation and inspiration which is true for other artistic fields. There are many typography artists who have got much fame in all over the world; one name that should be mentioned is David Carson.

Typography has been around for centuries in written works by some of the greatest writers of our time. In the small showcase below I’ve collected beautiful examples of lettering in paper typography.
You’ll be amazed how some designers played with type and made a totally unique and beautiful design that will make you love typography. These artists look for the aesthetic side and are less concerned with legibility or readability issues.
In artistic typography, sometimes existing fonts are used and sometimes artists resort to crafting their own letters to give it a whole new dimension.
In their practice they are not confined by the structure of existing fonts, as they stretch, squeeze, texture, add swirls and much more to satisfy their artistic pursuit.
So I’ve been doing some Inspirational hand drawn Typography research to try and get my brain working and I’ve found some amazing examples!

You wouldn’t be able to use it well if you are not fully equipped with the basic knowledge of typography. This art is appreciated worldwide and true artists are eager to take their capabilities to the next level. Typography artists’ work is around us with its splendid-ness which is giving us the aesthetic pleasure whether we know it or not. True works of art should be appreciated and the artists should be encouraged in their pursuit of more creative artistic designs.

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