I offer a variety of tattoos including pre-designed transfer tattoos, custom hand-painted tattoos, custom glitter tattoos, and stencil tattoos that give that airbrushed tattoo look. Temporary tattoo ink offers you the opportunity to try out different artistic patterns and designs in a body art form without permanently marking your skin. Begin drawing your temporary tattoo in the upper left corner (or upper right corner if you happen to be left handed) in order to avoid smudging. You can get a six pack of markers with a fine tip from DriMark Tattoo Marks or Body Doodler. Airbrush guns will paint the tattoo-look of your choice onto your skin in a body paint style by blowing or spraying the the paint onto your skin with an airbrush gun.

You can purchase airbrush guns and paint from both Airbrush Temporary Tattoos and European Body Art.
Temporary tattoos are a fun way to try out some ink without the pain, permanence or cost of the real thing. Whether you want to try out a short-term tattooed look, portray a character or adorn your skin with ritualistic cosmetic markings, temporary tattoo ink allows you to do so without a long-term commitment. You may need several stencils for one tattoo; each stencil will allow one color to be applied to one portion of the design.
If you plan to create a temporary tattoo on the face, look for inks listed as a face and body product to be sure the ingredients are safe for facial skin and for use near the eyes or mouth.

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With this type of temporary body art, the colors blend seamlessly into one another, creating beautifully artistic images and scenes on the skin. Today, as the trend of tattoos and body art has become increasingly popular throughout the global community, jagua can be found nearly anywhere temporary tattoos are sold.

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