That’s why Tattoo Director is so great, once you have your basic idea you can open up Tattoo Director and add images, color them as you like, change the size, add your favorite text fonts, and other designs together to make a personal. Tattoo Director can create: tattoo art, tattoo designs, temporary tattoos, skull tattoos,cross tattoos, text tattoos, lower back tattoos, dragon tattoos, animal tattoos, arm tattoos, Japanese tattoos, flower tattoos, tribal, and many more.

Choose From Hundreds Of Line Art Drawings, Add Tattoo Ink Colors From The Color Palette, Choose The Text From Our Font Library, Change The Text Color, Try It Out With Temporary Before The Real Thing, Add Multiple Tattoo Images To Create a Collage, Print or Save To Disc For Your Tattoo Artist. Test out your tattoo designs before you get inked - We offer free new line art image updates as they come out to add to the default library.

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