Here we have the classic jesus tattoo with the thorns on his head when he was obviously being crucified by the Romans.
These tattoos are meant to symbolize a changing in the life, a reincarnation and even a transformation within the soul. The reasons are varied and often deeply personal, but common amongst them all is a willingness to have such a reminder of their relationship with Jesus Christ.
Traditionally, Jesus would be seen hanging on the cross, but the Jesus bust is increasingly becoming a valid choice.
However, if you’re not ready to get a full-figured tattoo, consider getting either a stylized cross, a Jesus fish tattoo, or a sacred heart tattoo.
That doesn’t surprise me because I imagine to some extent he must have been scared, even though history tells us that he knew what was happening to him and he was forgiving about it, even while it was being done.

These can also act as representation of Jesus’ divine love for humanity and can be great first stepping stones in your final goal of getting a Jesus tattoo.
This is quite a statement when you think about it and certainly no other tattoo could carry as much meaning as a jesus tattoo carries.
One of the ways that they did this was to reclaim the practice of tattoo for God and Jesus, by getting tattoos that were inspired by Christian and religious symbols and images. The Jesus tattoo depicted in the photo can also be interpretative in a negative manner, a comment on the stagnation of the church and the decline of common Christian beliefs. Inspiration for Jesus tattoo designs can come from a variety of resources, including biblical art and paintings that have been required depicting Jesus in a variety of circumstances and even through the use of various artworks that have depicted Jesus in a variety of forms.
One reason is that Jesus tattoos are very popular with those people that have just discovered religion or are seeking to make a transition in their life that has come from religion.

With the various reasons of why people choose to take advantage of Jesus tattoos, this is the most popular. However most Jesus tattoos sport a face wearing a crown of thorns, bleeding and having agonized eyes.
And you can make the Jesus tattoo pop by adding just the slightest dash of color, like the red of Christ’s blood.

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