If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Extreme Tattoos, Girl Back Tattoos, Horrible Tattoos and Tattooed Girls. These three words designed in artistic font state the three axioms of life in an inspirational tattoo. The wearer’s obsession with speed is very blatant in this artistically designed inspirational tattoo.
Positive thoughts and emotions are expressed with a lovely heart shaped pattern in this inspirational tattoo.
This superb inspirational tattoo proposes that everyone must enjoy every aspect of life to the fullest extent each day. The only true love is the one that sets no conditions and has no ulterior motives, says this inspirational tattoo.
A positive attitude and hope carry one through all adversities says this lovely inspirational tattoo.
The words ‘pixie dust’ in this inspirational tattoo is just the best way to describe the positive effects of faith and trust. This simple inspirational tattoo emphasizes how faith can be strong enough to sometimes have magical powers. The words of this inspirational tattoo are profound and describe the right path towards true happiness.
An inspirational tattoo with the words forming the shape of a gun is an unusual and attractive design.

This lovely inspirational tattoo expresses a very positive attitude towards the difficulties in one’s life.
The wearer of this inspirational tattoo wants to be freed from the bondage of society’s dictums.
An inspirational tattoo that is designed from one wrist to another right across the back is a great piece of art.
The never-ending cycle of life is expressed in a short and sweet inspirational tattoo by this girl.
This inspirational tattoo encourages one to live life for the day and not worry about the future.
Freedom and joy along with the artistic looking feather give this inspirational tattoo a profound meaning. As inspirational tattoos go this simple one encourages one to never give up in a fight against adversities. Facing adverse situations and overcoming them is rightly encouraged in this inspirational tattoo.
Knowing that each day is a gift from God and not a fundamental right is a great philosophy in this inspirational tattoo. This superb inspirational tattoo encourages one to be the positive change and influence it in others. The message in this inspirational tattoo is great, that one must maintain a good balance between lofty dreams and real life.

When you make it a habit to live for each day as it comes, nothing scares or worries you so says this lovely inspirational tattoo. Living life on one’s own terms and being true to oneself is the first message of this profound inspirational tattoo. As inspirational tattoos go this one inspires one to make one’s life so beautiful that it leaves no room for sorrow.
Every tattoo is beautiful with inspirational words but i liked the Gun Shaped Tattoo very much because i loved its shape.
If someone is goingto have a tattoo, then why not have one with a meaning with words that is a positive one.
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An encouraging word that is seen or heard can inspire a person that may dramatically change his or her life for the better. These are a few tattoos with inspirational words that express profound thoughts about life.

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