Getting a tattoo on the ribs is the sexiest body art, but it is also the one, demanding immense courage and conviction. Rib tattoos not necessarily have to be weird and out of the box, you can also divert your creative juices to think of something subtle and tasteful. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Chest Tattoos, Enticing Word Tattoos, Swallow Tattoo Designs, and Crazy Neck Tattoos.
Some very interesting looking designs here, but I bet its so uncomfortable getting a rib tattoo! LeBron James tattoos earned him further popularity as each one of his ink styles reflected his motivation for the game and his solid personality.

If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on David Henrie Tattoo, Bow Wow Tattoos, Megan Fox Tattoos and Victoria Beckham Tattoos. LeBron James in Blue Jersey showing his arm tattoos which has a crowned lion on his right arm and his left arm too bear cool pieces. His amazing arm tattoos beside a crowned lion sport a “Gloria” piece dedicated to his mother.
His left arm tattoos are dedicated to his two sons, besides there are two lettering tattoos. Fanatics may be easily tempted to get a rib tattoo following several celebrities, who have brought rib tattoos quite in vogue.

His popular back tattoo “Chosen” came after the Sports Illustrated gave him this title on one of the covers. For instance, Megan Fox’s tattoo on her left rib is among the most popular celebrity tattoos. It should be something, which accentuates your style when you’ve slipped into a sexy silhouette dress, which might be showing off your tattoo.

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