In the realm of body art, nothing surpasses the exuberance and beauty possessed by fairy tattoos. If you’re serious about getting a fairy tattoos, you better be prepared to be under the needle for some time and to pay good money. However you have it designed, firefighter tattoos make a bold statement about your principles. Though popular among the females, this tattoo has also accorded an increasing number of nods from the male population. Though these commonly echo a firefighter’s commitment to rendering his service to those in need, these tattoos can also stand for courage and bravery even if you’re not a firefighter yourself. It’s delightful to note that beneath these tattoos’ quirky polish lay rich symbolisms that appeal to people of various sexes, ages, and lifestyles.

These iconic tattoos also reveal a touch of old world literature, for fairies are common characters in myths and legends. If you prefer the fairy featured in mythologies, you can have a more intricately-designed tattoo. For men on the duty, bearing a firefighter tattoo can serve as a memorial for their colleagues who have sacrificed their own lives to carry out their mission. They have long been a part of our lives, especially during our childhood days, and it’s only natural for these tattoos to take us back to those days of youth and innocence. To add some spice in a rather heavy duty, pin-up models with firefighter helmets and gears star in firefighter tattoos. Fairy tattoos, with the cheerfulness they exude, make a unique statement about your equally fun and imaginative personality.

The various themes and patterns that can be accommodated by fairy tattoos promise to etch that hint of magic in your skin.
The Maltese cross, common in fire department shields, also make a fitting icon for the tattoo.

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