The quote will also have a personal meaning to the tattoo owner because the quote might have helped them through a difficult time in life, changed their perspective on life or simply brought them joy over the years.A mischievous quote tattoo from a Harry Potter book by JK Rowling. When tattooed in a beautiful font, the quote tattoo can become an attractive design that aids in expressing the meaning of the tattoo. For example, a quote from children’s book can be displayed in a fun, child-like font to add to the innocence of the phrase. A serious, philosophical quote might be expressed in a serious, adult font that causes the viewer to give the tattooed words deeper consideration.The fantasy font used in this literary tattoo adds to the whimsical nature of this quote from fantasy novelist JRR Tolkien. Many readers tend to be introverted, so an elegant, powerful or playful quote tattoo allows them to silently express themselves through body art.

The tattoo artist has combined typography, decorative elements and the powerful quote to create a tattoo that is both meaningful and elegantly decorative. Early 20th century tattoos often used the name of a loved one, a motto or a saying that related to the art work within the tattoo.
In the late 20th century, literary tattoos became quite popular, with snippets of poetry, powerful quotes or fun puns from books that appealed to the tattoo wearer. The risk of tattooing the name of a relationship partner is that the relationship might fail and yet the tattoo wearer will forever be branded with their ex-partner’s name.
The book was written decades ago but has remained a firm favorite among readers and quotes from Alice in Wonderland often find their way into literary tattoos.

Quotes from famous ancient Greek philosophers can reveal the philosophical nature of the tattoo owner, while a quote from a famous playwright like Shakespeare may reveal a love of poetry or acting. Whether from modern, antique or even ancient literature, quotes from favorite books can become thought provoking, powerful tattoo designs. The peacock has been used in art around the world for centuries as a symbol of wealth, beauty, royalty and spirituality and has become a popular tattoo design for the same reasons.

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