Aztec tattoo designs were used to mark a person’s status, to show a warrior's rank and accomplishments.
Nowadays people are interested in Aztec tribal tattoos because of their symbolic meaning, to honor their heritage or because they feel a connection with the ancient and powerful culture of the Aztecs. On the other hand, one type of Mexican or Hispanic tattoo has been current for some time, and that is the gang or prison related tattoo.
Mexican skull tattoos: inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, a holiday in which the Mexican people remember those who have died.

Mexican pride tattoos: a lot of Mexicans work in the United States, away from their origins.
Before you decide on a Mexican tattoo design, do a bit of research about the mythology that engendered it, and the precise meaning of the image you are choosing. Since the customers are usually women, the artist has to choose the right pictures in the tattoo.
To honor their heritage and show their Mexican pride, some adorn themselves with for example a Mexican flag tattoo.

After all, you will be living with this image for the rest of your life (at least until the cost of tattoo removal comes down a bit), so you want to make sure that it resonates with you – in more ways than just appearance.
The ankle tattoo designs which usually become the choice of the women are the words which contain their name and their boyfriend’s name.

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