Early Christian drawings or paintings of persons engaged in the act of prayer do not show them with their hands, palms together, raised slightly in front of them. Praying hand tattoos will also remind the wearer about to help someone who needs a help without being asked.
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In the Christian wall paintings of the Roman catacombs, the dominant form of prayer shown is that of the orans position, standing with the hands spread in front and the palms facing up.

The vassal would kneel before the lord in submission, with his hands, palms together, stretched out to the lord in front of him.
The lord would then place his hands over the vassals hands, between his own, to indicate not only his acceptance of the vassal but also his dominance over him.
As marvelous as these frescoes are, we must turn to another artist of this period for the exact image in our tattoo design. Although the original painting was destroyed by fire, the praying hands are one such study (for an apostle in the finished piece).

Now reproduced on religious medallions, in devotional documents, and Christian tattoos worldwide, it is difficult to capture in words the appeal of this image but the painstaking attention to detail and the meticulous proportions of something so familiar as human hands make it difficult to see how it could be changed without detracting from its beauty.

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