With new technology in QR codes and the unique designs of vanity barcodes, the sky is the limit when it comes to barcode creativity. As well as artistic ability and some medical knowledge tattooists also require a very steady hand. While we may not be able to design you a new tattoo, we can help you find the best way to implement automatic identification solutions and capture data quickly and efficiently using our barcode label expertise! Hence the clever print ad below by Berrge Tattoo who needed a new tattoo artists for their studio.

From standard linear barcodes to 2D and QR codes, Camcode has unmatched experience providing durable barcode solutions. Applicants needed a steady hand to ink in a QR Code, so it could then be scanned giving access to the application form.
Using a mobile barcode scanning app, a new QR code tattoo transforms into an animated video.
If this got you wondering if anyone had ever had a QR Code tattoo then the answer is yes quite a few!

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