That was originally a Spiderman tattoo which someone has photoshopped the Superman logo on.
So yes it can be done but choose your artist carefully as there are some terrible examples of people trying to copy this tattoo. Something like that chest piece is all well and good (and you've really got to be a massive fan of either spidey or superman to dedicate your chest to either).

I have a 1 dimen superman tat right above my nipple on my chest and getting it done felt like a giant metal claw had me in a titty twister, I'm lucky the outline only took about 5 minutes.
I compared this to the Spiderman version and it looks like the tattoo has pretty much the same ripped skin. As said take your time to choose the right tattooist, many may say they can do, but sometimes people's perception of their own talents are a little amiss.

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Comments Superman tattoo on chest

  1. 5335
    Means there's a specific amount of intimacy.
    Also identified to represent needles and a few ancient.
  3. Santa_Banta
    Have to or must take it off this.