Sun and moon tattoos is amongst the tattoo ideas that show the combination of 2 opposite elements that unite together to against the natural separation of life and create a harmonized, balanced world. Base in the sense of each symbol, people believe that these tattoos are somehow a sign of the source originated from the Yin and Yang, female and male,… That’s why a lot of couples love choosing this tattoo idea for their paired tattoo. Once these 2 elements are connected, it will bring up a great and tough energy that can’t be beaten by anything. Sun and moon tattoos can be skinned on the back, ankle, shoulders… and they have various colors, shapes and sizes for you to choose.

Get your daily updates from leading publications and social networks according to your interests and favorite topics. If you consider the sun and the moon separately, you will see that they have nothing to do with each other yet when you have it gathered together, it means that you have found the unbreakable balance. The usual image of these tattoos is that half of the sun and half of the moon is put together within a circle; another design puts the sun inside the circle and the half-moon lying beside it.
I would like to give you, both tattoo-ers and readers, a deep look at sun and moon tattoos that is very meaningful.

When you see someone that has these tattoos or you, yourself, want to have one, it shows that the formation of balance and synchronization have been found in the bottom of the heart.

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