No matter what meaning it carries, there is no doubt that skull tattoos are a very popular option for a tattoo. Surrounded by flowers and leaves, this skull tattoo gives the impression that death is a part of nature. Images of skulls with wings are very popular, symbolizing a journey from this life to the next.
This image of a skull is paired with that of a black cat, giving the tattoo an air of superstition.

This skull is out of the ordinary; pairing it with pink stars, hearts, and bows gives it a feminine twist. As an important part of a larger tattoo, this skull represents the transition between life and death.
In America, skulls and skeletons are looked upon with terror on Halloween, as society teaches them to fear the concept of death.
Depending on the person who gets the tattoo, it can represent life or death, grief or celebration.

Because it represents so many things for different cultures, the possibilities for a skull tattoo are endless. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead celebrates deceased ancestors with images of skulls on everything from party decorations to desserts.

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