As you know star is one of most popular kind of tattoo and people love them to place their body parts.
Although we always advised guys for not putting any tattoo on their foot because it looks feminine. When it comes to choose shape or curve of your stars for foot then we will recommend to choose a star that has a curve from down to up. So, there is no doubt foot star tattoos can enhance look of your body and it will give you confidence.

Think again guys about famous Blink drummber and Travis Barker together with other prominent male musicians all have star tattoo. If you choose single star then it will give you a descent look and you choose get it in a color. Although when you search for foot tattoos for girls you might not find them so appealing but once you get them inked on you feet believe me they look stunning basically because of their small and simple design that fits so perfectly on the foot area.
Now a days we are seeing that people are loving to place wonderful star tattoos on foot and these number of people are increasing day by day.

Because they like their tattoos a little bit more discreet and they want to give a message to the world.

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