Rose is very popular as a flower but as a tattoo it wasn’t popular in ancient times and first rose tattoos are dated in late 1930s. Besides of being highly fashionable and feminine rose tattoo has meaning just like other flowers.
Mostly sailors got rose tattoo on arm to honor their sweethearts and this is the story of rose tattoo meaning.
More often roses are completed with other details like heart, butterflies, quotes, power words or more dramatic examples like roses with skull.

Actually there are no particular parts where rose tattoo will look best; you can get it anywhere you want from foot to rib, thigh, stomach, back, nape and tiny rose behind ear. Here are some of the most beautiful rose tattoos for women and parts of body that are perfect for rose tattoo. Surely roses are red and tattoo is red but I should say that black rose tattoo looks simply stunning.
According to Greek mythologyĀ Aphrodite bled on a white rose after she had been poked by a thorn.

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