We’ve gone with skull tattoos as the first Skull-of-the-Month with many more to follow, although I suspect skull tattoos will feature again.
You’ll find a wide variety of skull tattoo designs to suit your own personal tastes. If you want a tattoo design that really catches the eye, you could go for a tribal skull tattoo. We’ll source the best skulls in the category and post them in one mammoth post for everyone to skullivate over.

There are over 100 Skull Tattoos featured in this post, some good, some bad and some downright ridiculous but all equally as awesome.
If you know the artist please let us know and we’ll make sure the skull creator gets our appreciation.
Since skulls can be integrated into myriad designs, you won’t have any trouble creating a tattoo that is both unique and visually interesting. This design, with its heavy, sweeping black lines and skull theme, gives a double dose of toughness that will definitely get you noticed!

Skulls have been used in tattoo designs for decades to create a rough-and-tumble look – from boxers to wrestlers to rock stars, some of the rowdiest people around have sported skulls in their body art.
From flowers to daggers (and everything in between), there are all kinds of designs that can be enhanced with skull images.

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