If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Side Tattoos for Girls, Praying Hands Tattoos, Glow In The Dark Tattoos, and Back Tattoos For Women. The music that turns your heart into a cool effect equalizer for playing some out-of-the world tunes.
Tribal heart for the love of ethnic fashion and rustic charm, which you do not find in the cities. Memorial heart with a scroll and date of birth accompanied with pretty skull butterflies on the sides. Heart with an eternal flame, trapped with cross bones for a mystic revelation of hidden intentions.

Decorative tribal heart with a Cross showing spirituality that comes from within and not by wandering in the wild.
Beautiful birds on tree and hanging bleeding hearts on a bark, which is going be cut ruthlessly. Tree of love has its roots deep down inside a pure heart, so no storm is strong enough to shake it.
Colorful hearts with music notes, Celtic heart for that artistic dimension, are a couple of examples, when a girl wears a heart tattoo for its aesthetics or the cool factor attached with its theme. Be it a symbol of romance or the sanctity with a sacred heart, each girl heart tattoos have a meaning attached to it.

Here, we have collected 30 cool girl heart tattoos for you to pick some great tattoo ideas. We'd love to hear your thoughts, so we have a handy little contact form for you to use, located at the link below.

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