Therefore, any design created here is sure to get attention; whether you are making a handshake with someone or performing any action with your hand. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Tribal Arm Tattoos, Upper Back Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoos and Full Body Tattoos.
This forearm tattoo, carved on the forearm, gives a beautiful message created in an equally innovative font.
Long feathery dress, created on the forearm of a girl, indicates a keen fashion sense in her. This forearm tribal design has sharp and pointed, curvy contours that make the forearm attractive. The black designs carved at the same place on the two forearms have a secret meaning, known only to the wearer. Both forearms have similar tattoo designs with a bird and red rose bearing a key and lock perched above them.
The Maori tattoo, staring from arm and running up to forearm, represents the core values of the Maori culture.
The elbow and forearm tattoos, bearing a bright star and a lamp, look mystical and charming. Another tribal design running in a tapering pattern, created on the forearm, that looks artistic and designer. These two clover leafs with green outlines, created on the bicep and the forearm, are considered to bring good luck. This photographer has his professional device, carved on his forearm, as a mark of love for work.
This neat and cute black ribbon, carved on the forearm, has a lovely look and is quite catchy. This guitarist has a vibrant red guitar on his forearm to show his love for the instrument. The sewing machine makes for a different and exclusive tattoo design that one would find very rarely. The knotted celtic cross, on the forearm, has a spiritual aura and keeps away negative vibes.
The two different star tattoos, resting on the forearms, are said to hold spiritual and religious significance.
This is a nice tattoo design with a guitar and music notes wafting around it in a curvy way. A calla lily motif with its cursive contours, etched on the forearm, is looking sober and elegant. The real joy of getting a tattoo is when you get compliments for your cool style statement and this is possible only when you display it on a very visible body part.
A sleeve tattoo expresses your attitude and liking and therefore, tattoos of characters are a popular design.

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Both sleeves carved with different designs that includes a chess board pattern, reveals the sporty attitude of the girl.
This design created on the sleeve in black with slight dashes of blue has a mysterious look. The tattoo artist and the client both are aficionados of sleeve tattoo which is evident from this picture. This environment activist got a tattoo on her sleeve to send out the message of conservation.
This cool guy having both his sleeves covered with tattoos makes for an attractive portrait. The popular tale of the beauty and the beast finds a place on the arm through a charming portrait tattoo. Full sleeve tattoo bearing a lotus and curvy design pattern, done in black ink, creates a graceful look.
This man got his full sleeve covered with black roses in memory of his beloved who left for her heavenly abode. A badass tattoo design showing multiple images carved in black and grey ink that covers the entire sleeve. This guy got his sleeve designed with wavy pattern design to complement the muscular contours of his forearm. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. However, the display of those tattoos that are in black shade is the best when they adorn the dark-skinned guys and gals. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Awesome Tattoos, Gang Tattoos, Sexy Tattoos For Women and Leg Tattoos For Men. The roses and the skull are the ones that are very prominent in this black guy’s head tattoos.
Tattoo is a cool style statement and this guy has got it along with piercings for a trendy look. Have a look at this black guy who has got different types of tattoos on his chest, arm and belly. The muscular black guy has got tattoos on his bulging biceps that make a macho style statement.
Take a look at this black guy with tribal tattoos on both sides of his chest that look very artistic.
Sexy black guy with a fabulous body has got a quote tattoo as well as the playboy bunny tattoo on his chest. A hard-core tattoo aficionado, this black man has got his whole front tattooed with different images.

The man with dreadlocks dedicates this tattoo to all the beautiful black women in the world.
The proud mother got her baby’s hand print tattooed on her upper back to wear as a little memento.
The giant mythical creature fascinates this black man and that is why he got it tattooed on his arm. This black soldier got his forearm tattooed with an American flag, cross and gun to express his loyalty and love for the country.
Black woman expresses grief for her beloved with this dark rose tattoo that looks quite beautiful. This tattoo is made up of sesa woruban, a West African symbol that stands for independence and movement. Though there are various body parts that are pretty exposed to the eyes of the onlookers but when it comes to sleeves, the charm of tattoos gets enhanced manifold. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Men and woman of African and African American origin also look out for such tattoos that symbolize their tribal culture and there is no dearth of such tattoos. Whatever you do, whether it is a handshake or any other action, the tattoos get highlighted invariably and unwittingly. Mystic and artful; these symbol tattoos grace the body parts of black people in different styles.
Here is a collage of 40 forearm tattoos where you will find forty different designs and images, etched on the forearm. Therefore, people, both men and women, prefer getting arm sleeve tattoos in various designs and images, as per their taste. The aesthetic patterns such as the swirls and curves resembling tribal designs are also a sought-after design for the sleeve and ring a bell in the hearts of both the sexes.
Black people tattoos need special mention in this context because most of them go for tattoos that are carved with black ink. Here we have showcased a post that gives fine information on such tattoos through 23 images. On the other hand, there are people who get a tattoo with the sole motive of flaunting them or expressing their sentiments and attitude.
So, today, we present for you 25 arm sleeve tattoos worn by both men and women to give you a look into their charm factor.

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