Surely it’s time for climate-change deniers to have their opinions forcibly tattooed on their bodies. You can only get this kind of idiotic comment from someone who already consumes more than their fair share of fossil fuels so that they personally don’t have to worry about rising gas and oil prices. As for this non-sense about tattooing people with their beliefs (and dis-beliefs), I just hope that this guy is an outlier.
It is my impression that Dr S only insists that changes in TSI are too small to be shown as climate drivers and that any other proposal about the Sun lacks proven mechanisms for the claimed influences on our climate.

And they’ve been rising for about 8000 years – just after the end of the last major ice age. Deny Gaia or the sky god CO2 and you will have your evil ways burned into your skin, no doubt at a communal sunrise meeting culminating in an orgy. Scientists believe that sea levels around the globe are rising due to the effect of the melting ice caps.
Glover gets a tattoo proclaiming himself as a proponent of massive debt to fund huge communal prgrams for the good of this generation and the generations that follow him.

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